This is a rare seat find from recently renovated Tacoma Rainer minor league stadium. The Seals played from
1931 to 1958 (Joe DiMaggio had 61 game hitting streak in 1933,Lefty O’Doul. 1958 & 1959 the giants moved
here from New York: Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey, Felipe Alou, Dusty Rhodes etc…         

      1953 MILWAUKEE COUNTY STADIUM        Milwaukee,WI
                                                                                           HOME OF THE
                      National League Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965)
         American League Chicago White Sox (1968-1969) 20 games  
        American/National League  Milwaukee Brewers (1970-2000)
    National Football League Green Bay Packers (1953-1992) 3 games yr     
These wooden seats were installed in 1953 & removed in 2000. They are all original as put in 1953. These
seats have seen: HOF Eddie Mathews,HOF Warren Spahn, Willie Mays 4 hr game (1961),Harvey Haddix 12 in
perfect game, Hank Aaron last home run 755,Nolan Ryan’s 300th Win, Robin Younts 3000th Hit, Paul Molitors
39 Hit Streak, Gorman Thomas, Rollie Fingers, Bob Uecker, Sammy Sosa & Mark McGwires 64th & 65th home
runs (1998),Ricky Hendersons 119th steal plus 1955 & 1975 All-Star Games, World Series 1957, 1958 & 1982.
Also from mid 50’s to mid 90’s The Green Bay Packers played 3 games a year here with the likes of: Vince
Lombardi, Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung, Lynn Dickey etc..  We picked these seats up from
contractor who removed the seats from County Stadium in 2000.

1930 ENGLE STADIUM                Chattanooga,Tn
                                            HOME OF THE
              Southern League Chattanooga Lookouts (1930-1999)
                      National League Nashville Elite Giants (1930’s)

These slat back wooden seats were first installed in the reserved section in 1930 when the stadium was first
built. These seats were removed during the renovation in 1989. These seats have seen: Satchel Paige (age
17) play his first major league game here , in the Negro Leagues. Also Willie Mays (age 15) play here in the
Negro Leagues. Along with other greats such as: Jackie Mitchell ( who in an exhibition game in 1931 struck out
BABE RUTH and LOU GEHRIG, which led to Judge Landis banning women from pro baseball), ROGER
HORNSBY, HARMON KILLEBREW, FERGIE JENKINS, & BO JACKSON and many other great major & negro
greats. Also the filming from 1958 film THE PETE GRAY STORY. This exact seat is currently on display in the
Negro League Hall Of Fame in the Satchel Paige Exhibit

1973 KAUFFMAN STADIUM      Kansas City, MO
                                           HOME OF THE
                   American League Kansas City Royals (1973-1998)

These seats were first installed in the upper deck in 1973 when the stadium was first built. These seats were
removed during the 1998 renovation. These seats have seen: HOF GEORGE BRETT, Three no-hitters
(including NOLAN RYANS 1RST 1973), 1973 All-Star game, Playoff games in 1976,77,78 ,80 ,81 ,84 & 85 &
seven World Series  Games in 1980 & 1985. PAUL MOLITORS 3000th hit, George Brett inside the park
homerun (misplayed ball) allow him to win batting title over teammate HAL McRae. FRANK WHITE, BRET

1965 NED SKELDON         Toledo, Ohio
                         HOME OF THE
International League Triple A Toledo Mudhens (1965-1984)

These wooden seats were first installed in 1965 when the stadium was converted from a race track to a
baseball stadium. These seats were removed during the 1987 renovation. These seats have seen: KIRBY
their way to the big leagues. Also made famous by character MAX KLINGER of MASH.

1939 INDIANAPOLIS COLISEUM           Indianapolis, In
These rare wooden free standing seats were installed in 1939 & removed in the 1980’s. Home of the INDIANA
PACERS plus minor league hockey.

1971 SOLDIER FIELD              Chicago, IL
                                   HOME OF THE
             National Football League Chicago Bears (1971-2001)
These seats are yellow freestanding seats installed in 1971 & taken out during the 2001 renovation. These
seats have seen Bear greats: Walter Payton, Jim McMahon, Gale Sayers, George Blanda, Mike Singleton, Brian
Urlacher etc…
WE ALSO HAVE THE ORIGINAL TURNSTILES –taken during the renovation, installed 1940

1922 OHIO STATE                     Columbus, Ohio
                                     HOME OF THE
              NCAA  Football  Ohio State Buckeyes (1922-1998)
These chairs are original from 1922 & taken out during the 1998-2000 renovation. We have 2 versions: one slat
back most common as well as the rare 2 slat back. Most backs of the chairs are stenciled OSU Ath. Great
History: Woody Hayes, Eddie George, Archie Griffith ,Orlando Pace, Chris Spielman, Paul Warfield, Randy
Gradishar, Keith Byars, Chris Carter, Jim Marshall, Robert Smith, Pepper Johnson, Jack Tatum, David Boston.

YANKEE STADIUM                      New York, NY
                                        HOME OF THE
              American League New York Yankees (1923-Present)
These seats were purchased  after the 1975 renovation of Yankee Stadium in response to an ad in Wall Street
Journal. The seats have been repainted in Yankee dark Blue originally installed in 1922 (we left the original
paint under the new coat of paint to assure authenticity). History: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Roger
Maris, Reggie Jackson  Don Larson ,Yogi Berra ,perfect game (1956),Mickey Mantle 500th home run, ,World
Series 1950,1951,1952,1953,1956,1958,1961 &1962.  .

ANAHEIM STADIUM              Anaheim, CA
                                     HOME OF THE
        American League California/Anaheim Angels (1966-1996)
These seats are rare double figurals obtained from the contractor who took them out during recent renovation
in late 1990’s, when Disney purchased the Angels. We have two types available: the ones taken from the
stadium & a select amount that were never installed & were keep as extras (damage replacement-overruns).
These seats are in mint condition. Anaheim has seen such history as: Nolan Ryans no hitter in 1974, Reggie
Jackson 500th home run in 1984, Rod Carew 3000th hit in 1985 & George Bretts 3000th hit in 1992 Division
Titles in 1979,1982 & 1986. . It has seen such great players as: Nolan Ryan, Rod Carew, Bobby Grich, Chuck
Finley, Frank Tannana, Tim Salmon  plus Troy Percival & Garret Anderson.

GRIFFITH STADIUM               Washington, DC
                                       HOME OF THE             
   American League Washington Senators (1911-1961)
Negro Leagues Homestead Grays & Elite Giants (1936-1948)
National Football League Washington Redskins (1937-1960)
These seats were obtained from the Rosecroft Racetrack in Fort Washington, Maryland in 1993 during their
renovation.  Rosecroft obtained them from Griffith Stadium prior to demolition in 1965. These are original
wooden seats installed in late 1940’s or early 50’s & taken out in 1965. Griffith has seen great history as:
Walter Johnson, Josh Gibson, World Series in 1924,1925 & 1933, All Star game 1937 , Harmon Killebrew &
Roy Sievers. Plus Joe Louis knocks out Buddy Baer for heavyweight title in 1941 and the 1956 All Star Game.

LEAGUE PARK BRICKS                  (Cleveland Indians 1909-1948)
These bricks were taken from the remaining part of League Park that was not demolished in 1951. The brick
wall & tunnel which once lead from the dugout under the stands still remain. I got these thru contractor who
restored the remains.  

SHIBE PARK  SEAT & BRICKS  (Philadelphia Athletics 1909-1954 & Philadelphia Phillies 1938-1970)
These bricks were purchased from Geppert Brothers Construction Co of Philadelphia in 1976 (during    Shibes
demolition). I also obtained one rare red refinished Shibe park seat from 1909 it was found in an old minor
league stadium.
SPORTSMAN PARK                 St Louis, MO
                                   HOME OF THE
         National League St Louis Cardinals (1920-1966)
          American League St Louis Browns (1902-1953)
These seats are the original freestanding steel sides & steel seat bottom brackets , but the original wood has
been replaced  by vintage 1940’s wood from a minor league stadium to offer you a low cost great looking rare
Sportsman Park stadium seat (very hard to find in any condition). The original wood was so rotted that it was
impossible to restore. These seats were taken out of sportsman park in 1966. This stadium has seen such
great history as: World Series in 1926,1931,1934,1942,1946 & 1964. Babe Ruth Hit his 600th homerun . Hank
Aaron hit his 1rst homerun .  Willie Mays hit last homerun at Sportsman Park in 1966 , Pete Gray debut (1945
for Browns), 1951 Eddie Gaedel (midget pinch hitter for Browns) & Great players as: Stan Musial , Bob Gibson,
Ken Boyer, Enos Slaughter, Roger Hornby, George Sisler &  Dizzy Dean .

POLO GROUNDS (NY GIANTS RARE FIGURAL) Home of NY Giants till 1957 & NY Yankees until 1922
This is a  RARE REFINISHED Polo Grounds figural. The figurals were found in the St Augustine ,FL
Amphitheater  in 1988. They were sent their after the demolition of Polo Grounds. The metal sides are all
original. The wood however rotted off so it was replaced by vintage 1940’s stadium seat wood and repainted to
give you a museum quality seat.  

                                     HOME OF THE
        National League Pittsburgh Pirates (1970-1999)
        National Football League Pittsburgh Steelers (1970-1999)

These seats were obtained during the demolition of the stadium in 1999. This stadium has seen such history
as: Roberto Clementes 3000th hit, Willie Stargell, Mike Schmidt 500th homerun, Bill Madlock, Phil Garner, Dave
Parker, Barry Bonds .Bob Gibson no hitter (1971),John Canderlarir no hitter (1976), World Series 1971 & 1979,
Franco Harris Immaculate Reception, AFC championships 1974,1976. Terry Bradshaw, Rocky Blier ,Joe
Greene, Jack Ham, Jack Lambert.  

MEMORIAL STADIUM              Baltimore, Maryland
                                           HOME OF THE  
         American League Baltimore Orioles (1954-1991)
         National Football League Baltimore Colts (1950-1983)

These seats were purchased by the contractor who removed these seats during the demolition. These seats
have seen such history as: Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson,Boog Powell,Jim  Palmer,Dave McNally, Mike
Cueller, Earl Weaver,Steve Stone, Mike Flanagan, World Searies 1966,1969,1970,1971,1979 & 1983. Colt
Greats: Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, YA Title, Bert Jones, Lenny Moore,Art Donovan, Super Bowl 1969 &
1971, Division Titles 1958,1959,1964,1965,1967,1968,1970,75,76,77&87

National League Chicago Cubs (1914-present)
National Football League Chicago Staleys – 1921
National Football League Chicago Bears – 1922-1970
National Football League Chicago Cardinals – 1931-1932

This is an original stadium seat from the confines of historic Wrigley Field.  The seat is from the mid 1930’s
and saw some great history such as Chicago Cubs:  Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, Harry Carrey and Billy
Williams to name a few. As far as Da Bears and Football history: Ernie Nevers, George Halas, Bronko
Nagurski, Sid Luckman, Red Grange, Dick Butkis, Mike Ditka and Gale Sayers to name a few.

CLEVELAND STADIUM                     Cleveland ,OH
                                               HOME OF THE
              American League Cleveland Indians (1932-1993)
          National Football League Cleveland Browns (1946-1995)

These seats were obtained during the demolition in 1995. These seats have seen such history as: Bob Feller,
Len Barkers Perfect game (1981),Satchel Paige, Herb Score, Bob Lemon, Mel Harder, Mike Garcia, Early Wynn,
Rocky Coli Vito, Joe Charboneau, Sandy Alomar,Carlos Baerga, Jim Thome, Albert Belle, Gaylord Perry, Sam
McDowell, Ray Fosse ,Luis Tiant.Browns Greats: Otto Grahm, Jim Brown, Paul Warfield, Leroy Kelly, Bernie
Kosar, Greg Pruitt, Mike Pruitt, Ozzie Newsome. Etc…

PAUL BROWN STADIUM - Cincinnati, OH-Home Of The Bengals                                                                         
These are rare rear mount figurals obtained as extras when Paul Brown stadium was built. We obtained these
seats from contractor who had a few extra seats not needed in stadium.

                                                               HOME OF THE
               National League  Philadelphia Phillies ( 1990-2003)
               National Football League Philadelphia  Eagles (1990-2003)
These are  rear mount figurals obtained  during the demolition of the Vet. We obtained these seats from
contractor who had taken them out of the stadium.

BUSCH STADIUM                                 ST Louis, MO
                                                HOME OF THE
                     National League St Louis Cardinals (1966-1999)
These seats are original red plastic seats taken during recent renovation in lower box seats at Busch Stadium.
These seats were purchased from the contractor who took them out.  We also have some end row seats
available –call for details.  Busch has seen great history as: Lou Brock 3000th hit (1974), Bob Forsch no-hitter
(1978), Steve Carlton 300th win (1983), World series 1982,1985 & 1987. McGwires 62nd & 70th homerun
(1998), & Great Players as: Bruce Sutter,Ozzie Smith, Mark McGwire,Willie McGee,Vince Colman, Jack Clark,
Keith Hernandez,Whitey Herzog,Steve Carlton, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson,Al Hrabosky, & Albert Puljos

LEAGUE PARK CHAIRS                        Cleveland, OH
                                                    HOME OF THE   
                  American League Cleveland Indians (1909-1948)
These chairs are some of the rarest . I’ve only seen a handful available thru the years ,but never this style
except for old pictures in League Park.. The stadium was torn down in 1953 all freestanding seats & chairs that
were not salvaged by collectors or stadium personal were destroyed. A few seats  & chairs ,however were
given to various organizations. These exact chairs were given by the Indians to their  minor league club in (the
only known to date organization to have had League Park seats)Kennewick, Washington . These chairs and
some rarer  seats stood in the stadium until the mid 1970’s when the stadium Sanders-Jacobs Field was tore  
down , the remaining seats were burnt. About a dozen or so chairs went out to some season ticket holders &
stadium personal. I was able to obtain a few of these from an individual who held on to them.

1970 Mile High stadium- Denver Broncos Figural taken from demolition in 2001. What history with John Elway.

TIGER STADIUM                                       Detroit, MI
                                                  HOME OF THE
                    American League Detroit Tigers (1912-1966)
We have 3 different styles of seats: The 1rst are rare freestanding seats first installed in 1912 (this is the old
Heywood –Wakefield model) We also have the rare steel folding chairs installed also in 1912 for the lower level
box seats.  Then we have the Tiger rear mounts & figurals  originally installed in Tiger stadium in the 1930’s. All
three of these styles seats were taken out during the 1977 renovation. These seats have seen such great
moments as: World Series 1935,1945 & 1968), Mickey Cochrane, Hank Greenberg, Denny McLain, Al Kaline,
Mickey Lolich, Kirk Gibson, Mark Fidrych etc…

1992 CAMDEN YARD: These figural  seats & non figurals were taken out during this year’s renovation. Here’s
your chance to own a seat that has seen great history: Ripkens 2131 consecutive game, Murray’s 500th
homerun, Mike Mussina


This is a great piece of memorabilia from Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, even better it’s
seat #4 for HOF’ER DUKE SNIDER. This seat has seen great history such as: Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Bill
Russell, Ron Cey, Fernado Valenzuela ,Kirk Gibson 1988 World Series home run to name a few.

1949 Watt Powell stadium:  This is an original 1949  wooden stadium seat from know defunct ballpark in
Charleston,WV.  This ballpark has been a minor league team for the Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates,
Houston Astros, Cincinnati Reds, Minnesota Twins etc.. Former Notable Players include:  Jim Kaat  in 1960,
Luis Tiant 1962 , Tommy John 1963.  Dave Parker allegedly hit longest homerun in minor league history as ball
carried over the right-field fence and landed in a box car of a passing train, a feat that Babe Ruth and Chuck
Klein have been credited with in other times and other places.  Others greats include: Omar Moreno, John
Candelaria, Rennie Stennett , Bruce Kison, Mario Mendoza, Willie Randolph, Frank Taveras, Kent Tekulve, &  
Richie Zisk   Others: Chad Fox, Matt Franco, Trevor Hoffman, Pokey Reese, Brett Tomko, Dan Wilson, Tony La
Russa, Rick Cerone, Terry Puhl, Ernie Whitt, Art Howe, Garth Iorg, Mitchell Page, Vern Ruhle,   Even the
Mendoza line has roots here.

1965 Liberty Bowl

NCAA Memphis Tigers, 1974-75
WFL Memphis Southmen 1984-1985  
USFL Memphis Showboats, 1995  
CFL Memphis Madds, 1997-1998  
NFL Tennesse Oilers (Titans)

This is a great piece of sports memorabilia, a rare Bleacher Seat from The Liberty Bowl. This seat was
removed during recent renovations of the Liberty Bowl. Some great history from this stadium including:
1965-current  NCAA annual Liberty Bowl: Greats: Liberty Bowl: Doug Flutie 1983,James Wildler 1978
Ricky Bell 1975,Randy White 1974,Joe Ferguson 1971,Bo Jackson 1984,Tony Eason, Illinois vs. Alabama,
1982,Lawrence Taylor, 1977 North Carolina, Kellen Winslow, 1980 Missouri, Antowain Smith, 1996,Bear
Bryant, 1959, 1969, 1976, 1982,Lou Holtz, 1973,Joe Paterno, 1979,John Majors, 1986,Donovan McNabb, 1996,
Tom Osborne, 1977. Memphis Showboats USFL : Reggie White , Memphis Southmen WFL
Paul Warfield, Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick Tennesse Oilers (Titans): Eddie George, Bruce Matthews, Steve McNair.
COA accompanies this seat.